Meet Our Team

Jayson Rivas

CVO | Lead Photographer

Soldier, Husband, and Father of six (yep you read that right). Jayson specializes in the New Nashville look, a casual lifestyle feel with a touch of New York fashion. He has been published in several magazines and always brings a team of hair, make-up, and wardrobe stylists to give clients the photo experience they deserve. Jayson specializes in Commercial Photography, Families, Headshots, and High School Seniors.


Anibal Pacheco

VP | Digital Brand Architect

Former Warrant Officer and good-natured technology evangelist. Anibal has a knack for all things technology and previously worked as a Multimedia Specialist, Instructional Technology Consultant, Online Instructor, and Veteran Student Advisor. We affectionately call him “The Google Whisperer” around the office. He has a natural ability to explain complex technical subjects in plain English and loves sharing his knowledge. Anibal specializes in Digital Branding, Social Media Marketing, and Web Design.

Gary Stonesifer

COO | Lead Technical Photographer

Former Green Beret, Husband, and Father. Gary is a technical specialist. His eye-catching Real Estate style and Cinematic Sports Photography work are immediately recognizable as the best in Middle Tennesse. For him, exceeding expectations is the rule, not the exception. Gary specializes in Real Estate, Headshots, Sports, Video, and Event Livestreaming.

OUR Story

Our Mission is Your Success!

Every Soldier knows the saying, “Hurry up and wait!” So what is one to do while waiting? Well… Gary, Anibal, and Jayson started working on life after military service. Eventually, after multiple combat rotations and too much time away from home, each discovered that their pastime was much more than a hobby; they each had a talent for the creative arts and a business mindset. Eventually, the deployments stop, and new career opportunities start to take flight.

The one thing career soldiers cannot live without is the camaraderie of a shared mission. Evaluating the business landscape, with their DD Form 214 (Retirement papers – That’s where we got the name) in hand, both Gary and Anibal recognized an opportunity to combine the unique vision and specific talents of fellow Soldiers to form a new type of creative enterprise. And hence, Two14 Media was formed over black coffee and war-stories. The common goal was to create a company whose sole purpose is to be the force multiplier within the business community. Two14 Media is a creative visual company whose mission is the success of others.

Transitioning soldiers-turned-creatives is not as big of a stretch as one might think. As career Special Forces Soldiers, Gary and Jayson live the motto “De Opresso Liber”, to Free the Oppressed; while Anibal a career logistician spent his last Army assignment supporting Special Forces deployed around Baghdad, Iraq. Our company delivers the professionalism and attention to detail of seasoned professional Soldiers. All while providing a fresh and unique creative vision for storytelling. Our team member’s specialties complement the other, and together, Two14 Media is a one-stop-shop for all of our clients’ needs, including branding, marketing, professional photography, graphic, and web design.

We are a veteran-owned and operated creative visual company. We love to help busy business owners connect with their ideal clients and deliver results. Creating stunning visuals through storytelling is in our DNA.


What are you waiting for?