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CLICK BAIT – Trust, Ambush, & Betrayal


We’ve all seen it and been tricked by it…..CLICK BAIT!  Click bait is not businessess communication, its an ambush!

Have you ever clicked on a link or an advertisement thinking it was a great deal only to find out in the long run the goods and or service was not what you expected? How about signing up for the never ending bombardment of sales pitches or up sells?

Most of the time we recognize that it is click-bait…but sometimes they sneak past us! How do you feel when that happens…I feel betrayed! Thinking, “Dang I was really looking forward to using my new SLAP CHOP!


Effective business communication provides value

As a business owner, effective and accurate communication about your product or offering is critical.  People need to trust you before they become clients and definitely before you can sell them anything. Building this trust is called warming-up your audience. Developing long term trust in you and your brand is the foundation for longevity in business, and necessary to sell anything. Every business wants to prove to you they are better than the other guy by, but just showing off the features of the product or service isn’t enough. Your clients deserve to know you have their best interest in mind, all the time!

This type of click bait to sales pitch (hard sell) approach is known as AMBUSHING. Most new business do it, and we apologize if we fell into that trap too. It comes from a lack of experience and patience. We all have a tendency to jump right in and try to sell, sell, sell! This goes against what we talked about earlier, we should approach sales like a boxer, use controlled punches that lead up to the “knockout” punch or sales post.  Just read Jab Jab Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk he talks all about this topic

So what is the best way to prevent falling in this trap and ambushing potential clients?

Be Patient  – Be Consistent – Provide Value

Warming your audience takes time, you have to understand their pain point, their needs, and how you solve a problem for them – you must constantly provide value.  For example…here is an article i wrote on how to use Headshots..they aren’t just for actors!  I wanted to make sure people got the most out of their headshots and could use them in a variety of locations…so I gave some examples. It was a quick easy way to provide value.

Asking for a sale and expecting a sale before they are ready, or before you have the processes, and experience to deliver the value they seek will ultimately end in failure, and damage to your brand. It doesn’t take long before the word is out and your business, your dream, will suffer the consequences. No business will survive like this for very long.

So here is a little exercise – go back and look at your last few business related posts. Be critical, be hard on your self and ask:  Have I provide value before I asked for the sale?  Or am I just trying to sell something? If not..don’t worry! The best time to start is now.  Think about all the ways you can help potential clients learn about your product or service, or the problem that it solves. Put yourself in their shoes.

The Challenge

Think of three ways you can provide value to potential customers.  Write each down.  Then find a photo that goes along with the theme of the value you are adding.  Now, post this value added idea to your page or your business page.  Post one each day and share it with the Tribe.


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