Social Media is Your Embassy

If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. But what happens if a social media platform changes the rules or, worse, falls off the map? Social media giants like Facebook and Instagram are not immune.

Many businesses try to build their brand on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, thinking they don’t need a web presence. What they don’t consider is the possibility they could lose everything if the unthinkable should happen. You risk losing it all when your brand is completely run on social media.

Here’s a different perspective. Let’s call it the “Embassy Effect.” Your website is YOUR country. You are the ambassador inside of your country. All your content sits on your website. You pay for the website, so YOU control it, you manage it, you own the domain. You OWN it!


Facebook or YouTube should be looked at and treated as “country’ let’s call them “Facebook Land” or “YouTube Land.” Both of them have embassies (your page or channel). In real life, when we operate an embassy inside a foreign country, YES, that’s American soil, but we still have to play by the rules of the host nation; think of this as the “Terms of Service” for a social media network or any other online service for that matter.

Your website is your home base, it’s your “country.” YOU control everything inside of your country, but when you add pages or channels to social platforms, you’re making little embassies inside of other people’s countries. You can still operate in those embassies, but you are required to follow the Terms of Service. No matter what you do, you still have to play by their rules.

Social media should be used to drive people back to your website, your country, where YOU control the message, YOU control the narrative, YOU control the content.

Think of everything Facebook does to KEEP you on THEIR platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat), just to name a few. They’ve recently added video chat to their Messenger app and Facebook Shops for small business owners. What happens in the future if you don’t meet their Terms of Service? You’ve lost your whole business because you played in “Social Media Land” and didn’t spend the time to develop your brand’s website, your own country.

Do your research; it is well worth your effort to build your website or hire someone to do it. Our closing advice is for you to take ownership of your brand. We live in confusing and evolving times, and only time will tell how all of this will affect us.

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